Ten Mistakes That Could Add 10 Years!

Here is a checklist of beauty no-no’s that could help you identify what it is you may be doing wrong and which may well help you look your beautiful best:

  1. Too much foundation: That caked look will instantly add years to the skin. Rather a translucent foundation, slightly tinted, that smoothes the skin tone and which adds a subtle color without obscuring the skin beneath is a much better idea.heavy makeup
  2. Heavy concealer: Yes, yes, we know that the job of a concealer is to conceal, but there is such a thing as too much. If applied with too heavy a hand, particularly in the dark circles below the eyes (that can be such an eyesore we know), it can end up actually drawing attention to the very area that you are trying to draw attention away from.
  3. Wrong color base: If you want your skin to look lighter than it actually is, beware about going in for a base that is lighter than your skin. It will stand out rather than blend in. using a lighter base can actually end up extenuating the fine lines that you would rather keep out of sight. It is also a good idea to go in for a slightly warmer tone on older skin, even if the skin itself is a shade lighter.
  4. Power in the wrong areas: Correctly, powder should be used to eliminate that shiny look that oily skin causes, particularly in the T Zone and the chin area. On other areas of the face however, it could get in-between the creases and fine lines, drawing attention to them.
  5. Lipstick that bleeds: There are ways and means to control the feathering and bleeding of lipstick into the fine lines that typically surround the lips in mature skin. Use a lip liner and stop the lip color ‘migrating’ and use the lipstick within the outline.
  6. Blush on the apples of your cheeks: Think clown and you get the idea of what we are talking about. Round application of blush on the cheeks is a no-no. Rather apply the blush in an upward sweep along the cheek bone and use subtle shades so that the blush does not stand out too much.
  7. Over the top lipstick: Bright red lipstick instantly ages; any feathering will be painfully obvious. Use instead, more natural colors or a neutral gloss.
  8. Lower lash mascara: Let’s face it, no one except the real experts can do this and really there is no need!
  9. Lower eyelid liner: Stick to the upper eyelids
  10. Tone down the sparkle and the shimmer: Drama is all very well, but keep it subtle.


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