The New Year’s Eve Makeup – What’s Hot?

New Year’s Eve party is just a few days away. Therefore, prepare yourself for a glamorous makeupthat will help you beautify yourself on the last night of the year. The trend for the New Year’s Eve party is one: glamor. This is the keyword for the holiday makeup.

Natural plus shine

In case you want to be the center of attention, get a shiny red lipstick. Check out Dior`s latest collection and don’t hesitate to choose the diva’s look. Go for neutral crème powder and neutral eye shade.

Natural plus shine

Complex shade vs. nude

Apply an intense eye shadow and fix it with lip gloss. The nude makeup is still a trend, so go for neutral tones and shades.

Statement color

If you want to add a certain contrast, smoky eyes are perfect for this matter. Choose a complex shade and a neutral lipstick if you want to accent on your eyes.

Eyeliner meets diva lips

The glamor of the 40s is one of the most preferable makeup trend of the year, so choose a blackeyeliner and a mascara. Finish your look with a bright lipstick; choose red or pink, in order to achieve the Hollywood look. The statement color makeup trend is also fashionable. So go for bright eye shades, blue mascara and a neutral lip gloss.


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