The Right Steps Towards Perfect Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes will always be modern and seductive. In case you want to achieve the perfect smokey eyes look, here are some expert’s tips how to do it by yourself.


First and most important is to prepare your eyes for this sort of makeup. Clean your eyes well and use tonic for the area near the eyes. Apply a light shade of foundation as you try to use mineral makeup foundation. Don’t miss out to apply the shade to the under eye area, for it is also important for the smokey eye appeal.


The next step is to use the liner. Choose a black or brown eye pencil and apply it from the middle of the under eye to the outside of the eye. In case your eyes are large, you just need to line from corner to corner. Help yourself with fingers as you just rub the eye counters. This will add more Smokey and smooth effect.



Adding the shadow is the next step. Choose a dark shadow and apply it with sponge-tip applicator as you go to the penciled area. For more dramatic effect, apply more dark shadows.

You can also do it with your finger tips; this actually will improve the smokey effect. The final touch is to apply lighter tone shadow under your eyebrow. This way you will add contrast to your eyes, as you don’t forget to add mascara as a final step of your smokey eye look.


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