Want To Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day? Follow Wedding Make Up Tips And Advices!

One of the most memorable and happiest days of life will be wedding day and every woman would definitely desire to look amazing, beautiful, and pretty on that day.

Careful planning of wedding make up will definitely make you look fabulous.

Whether you prefer to have wedding make up by yourself or by any wedding professional, remember to follow certain things.

If you prefer to have a make up with professional, it is a good idea to have trials one month before your wedding.

Collect photos of wedding make up and select one of them, which ever you love to wear. This gives a clear idea to your make up artist to make you even more attractive.Wedding Make Up

Wedding dress plays an important role in your wedding make up. Depending on the type, color, and work of your dress, your make up artist will establish your features accordingly.

Your make up varies depending the time and season of your wedding. Prefer bright make up if your wedding season is summer/spring. Warm and deeper shade suits well in winter season.

There are some tips and advices on wedding make up, which will ensure you the best on the wedding day as well as in the pictures (photos).

For glow and freshness on your face, you will need to consult your beautician a few weeks prior to your wedding day for regular facials [Facial skin care] and manicures [French Manicure]. You should not go into sun before your wedding days.

The first and foremost thing in your wedding make up is choosing the foundation that matches your skin. Choose yellow-toned foundation, as this foundation works best with flash photography.

Avoid shimmer highlighters as this gives a reflect shine in photos. In order to have warm skin tone, use bronzing powder that helps in giving natural glow.

Coming to the eyes, the eye area must look natural with no dark lines. Use waterproof mascara on your wedding day and avoid dark and heavy eye shadows.

Shape your eyebrows by beautician before your wedding day as shaping eyebrows can make a lot of difference. Use eyebrow pencil a little darker than your hair.

If you wish to have your lipstick last all the day, first apply lip primer to give even surface on your lips. Then apply foundation to the lips for good base and allow it to dry.

Now with lip pencil, line your lips and fill your lips with lip pencil (should be lipstick shade). Finally, apply the lipstick that matches your skin color. Blot with tissue paper and reapply the lipstick.

As the day passes, even if your lipstick starts to wear off, the filling of lip pencil underneath your lipstick covers your lips.

Apply natural pink shade on your cheeks to give you natural flush look. Remember that your wedding make up should be slightly more when compared to your everyday makeup. Otherwise, you will look pale in the photos.

Make your wedding day one of your memorable days by following some wedding make up tips.


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