10 of the Best Tanning Lotions

Tanning is a beauty regime followed by many in the lure of obtaining a bronze or darkened skin complexion such as when exposed to abundant sun. Beauty industry has many tanning lotions which are used to speed the process of tanning without actually exposing the skin to sunrays. Here is a list of 10 best tanning lotions among the hundreds available in the market today:

1. Ultra Dark Black Intense

This silky smooth intense tanning lotion contains rich silicone which leaves your skin relaxed and smooth. The product gives a high level of bronzing magnification which gets you a shade of bronze that no other tanning lotion can promise.

2. Tan Asz U Midnight Black

Tan Asz U Midnight Black

This tanning lotion gives a dark shade of bronze that is long lasting. The unique formula is designed for a deep color which gives a special glow you probably never imagined.

3. Brown Sugar Aloha Black

Brown Sugar Aloha Black

This is a 2 in 1 lotion that combines 2 lotions: a bronzer and a fake tanning lotion which combine as they are pumped to produce a perfect combination of a double bronzer that gives a dark glow to the skin.

4. Ultimate Black

Ultimate Black

This is a tanning product that gives the ultimate dark bronze shade to render your skin a long lasting golden tan. The product also carries a good amount of silicones which along with olive and argan oilleave the skin feeling younger and silky smooth.

5. Black Ultimatum

Black Ultimatum

This tanning lotion lives up to its name and gives a tan that is darker than any other. The rich dark tan is obtained due to a formula that is infused with the richness of shea butter and silicones.

6. Tan Asz

Tan Asz

Tan Asz is a dual chamber system which has a haute dark bronzer and a DHA-enhanced slow release active ingredients that brings tanning closer to natural like no other in its line.

7. Dark Princess Elite

Dark Princess Elite

This elite bronzer gives a devious dark with a soft touch. It unique Color Evolve formula takes tanning experience to a new height with matchless sublime silicone opulence.

8. Ultimate Driven

Ultimate Driven

The latest in tanning is dark bronze and Ultimate 100x goes full throttle with instant bronzers equipped with DHA to give a long lasting dark appearance never experienced before.

9. Hoss Sons of Outlaw

Hoss Sons of Outlaw

Popular for a while now, Outlaw is a tanning lotion brand that had withstood the test of time for more than a decade now. But now it is set to revolutionize the tanning industry with WTF! Tingle. It is a great mix of great tan results with ultimate skin care.

10. Tan Inc Black Grease

Tan Inc Black Grease

Made from natural extracts this is the best among the best in the tanning world. it is a high quality product that is made in small batches meant only for hardcore tanners. So it comes at a premium.


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