8 Tools For Stunning Fall Beauty

1. Draw Attention To Your Cheeks

Cherry and bright cheeks – this is the absolute tendency of the season, so don’t hesitate to use blush. Go for colors that are near your skin color, but make sure it stays natural. Peach and apricot blushes are a must have for the autumn make up.

2. Nude Essential Make Up

Tools For Stunning Fall Beauty

Vera Wang, Burberry and MaxMara include the nude makeup palette in their latest collection as the monochromatic countering is a must. Use neutral matte bronzer and foundation. As for the eyes and the cheeks, go for shades near your skin colors. The beige lips are also part of this stylish makeup look.

3. Shine Your Hair With A Gel Cream

The so called taming gel is the easiest way to polish your hair. You can use it for all kinds of hairstyles as it provides sleek and soft modern look. Aveeno is the latest cosmetic product in the matter as its nourishing effect is praised as one of the best in the market.

4. Fall Browns To Compliment Your Summer Tan

Complete your tan with the adorable Darac Beauty Brow Trio in Medium Brows. The latest cosmetic product is creating smooth chocolate effect on your eyebrows, which is both trendy and stylish.

5. Wear Your Locks In A Knot

The buns are back for good and we know it. They are comfortable and yet modern. Messy buns are now considered as the hit of the season. The hairstyle is easy to create, but you need to keep the natural messy look of your hair. Ralph Lauren’s models wear such buns, so you can transform your hair look just with a comb. Twist the hair into a low chignon and you are ready.

6. Volume For Your Hairstyle

Pantene Pro V Triple Action Volume Mousse is all about creating the perfect look as it adds a perfect volume for your hair. Just add few drops of the mousse onto your roots and the effect will be mesmerizing. The perfect volume and the shine that this product creates is a must have for this season.

7. Eye Make-Up Making A Statement

Nars Eye shadow Duo in Brumes is the perfect eye make-up for creating the famous smoky eye look. And the blue is sure to make you stand out.

8. The Red Of Your Lips

Red has always been the color of the women with style. Therefore, go for red lipstick with high shine and shimmer.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Colour Intense Lipstick in Red Passion is made to impress and create a femme fatale look for any women that wear it.


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