Add Volume To Your Lips With Lip Products

Docteur Glamour Lipstick

Every woman loves to wear a lipstick. A splash of lipstick can add glamour to your face.

Docteur Glamour lipstick gives eight hours moisturizing to your lips.

It features mango and shea butter with a lustrous shimmer finish.

Line your lips whenever you use lipstick. Apply lip liner first and then apply lipstick.


After applying lipstick, blot the excess color with two-ply tissue on lips, reapply the lipstick and blot it again for absorption of excess oils for proper lip care.

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Eau De Gloss

Women everywhere seeks of having full and sexy lips. Women can achieve full lips with lip glosses of various shades and add volume to their lips.

Once they make use of lip gloss for enhancing their lips, they feel more confident and attract more people for sure.

Lip gloss give shimmer and shine to your lips that you wanted for.

You can make your lips more beautiful with the help of lip gloss.

Eau De Gloss is water based moisturizing lip gloss with 14 percent water. Your lips will be in hydrated condition for up to four hours as it is enriched with glycerin and E vitamin.

It is available in six shades with light weight and non-sticky features and enhanced with menthol for immediate cooling sensation.

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Effet 3D Lipgloss

lipglossEffet 3D Lipgloss is a non-sticky and a fabulous lipgloss.

This lipgloss gives high shine to your lips.

Natural oils present in the gloss nourish and moisturize.

The brush tip applicator glides on precisely for perfect shine.

Sheer tones can be used for fresh and dewy lips and bright colors can be used for glamorous and luscious lips.

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