Celebrities Embracing the Oddest Beauty Tools in the Market

It looks like the celebrities always take things to the extreme, and the truth is that there is no reason for them not to since they have the possibilities. Nonetheless we might find some interesting things if we take a look at their beauty routines.


Diamond and ruby facial

Mila Kunis got a $7,000 facial before going on tour. The procedure is known as HD Diamond and Ruby and Diamond Peel. Through the procedure there are tiny little precious stonesused on the skin acting as antioxidants.

It is also known that this hasn’t been the first time that she treated herself with something of the sort. Another interesting procedure that she had included sucking on an ice cube that is supposed to reduce puffiness.

Evian bath

This is the secret of Serena Williams and she has been the first person to try it, having a cost of $5,000. This procedure is available for only those people who are staying at Hotel Victor that has rooms that cost $6,000 a night. During the procedure the client will have a bath in 1000 liters of water from Evian spring mixed with petals from gerber daisies.

She said that she realized the difference starting the first moment that she got in because the water seemed pure.

Caviar skin cream

Angelina Jolie seems not to use anything but the best. Her beauty routine includes using a caviar cream that costs $710 for a 100 ml container. This cream consists of eggs of Baerii sturgeon that is rich in proteins and that is also said to moisturize and firm the skin.

Snake venom facial

There are a lot of things that Gwyneth Paltrow tried along the years in order to preserve her beauty. Nonetheless none of these seemed as odd as the snake venom that she is using on her skin. A 1 oz. container costs $185 and the product is said to have a synthetic substance just as snake venom that has a paralyzing effect on the skin, just like the real venom.

Leech therapy

Demi Moore says that she has found a new beauty procedure while she has been in Australia – leeching. She also added that people don’t have to be thinking about regular swamp leeches, but highly trained medical leeches. Also she has found that leeches don’t like hair so those who would like to have such a procedure should do some shaving or waxing or have a Brazilian.


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