Gel Vs Acrylic – Which Nails Are Better?

A woman’s hand is surely her calling card for what woman alive did not dream of having the perfect manicure.


Gel and acrylic nails are a huge comeback these last years and the perfect opportunity for any woman to have a spectacular manicure.

But with so many women trying the both, figuring out which is better and safer for our pretty little nails is not hard to determine.

Gel nails are quite less expensive than acrylic and the feedback is really good. They are enduring enough to wash dishes and paint the room or hit the keyboard but as the nail grows they need maintenance very often.


Acrylic nails are a bit tougher and of course more expensive.

The procedure takes a bit longer and the beauty of it is that if you want to change the color of your nails you can do it simply using a special acetone free nail polish removal.

As you can figure out for yourself, the both procedures are not exactly nurturing your nails so it is obvious that after using any of them the nails would suffer.

As female public goes, both are beautiful and both damage the nails, but as long as we want to be pretty we’ll suffer much more than this.


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