Make-Up Palettes To Create A Shimmering Look

Zebra Shadow Palette

A perfectly packable and portable eye-shadow palette, the Zebra collection contains six different shades in silver shimmer with silver glitter, metallic teal with gold sheen, pale gold shimmer, opalescent charcoal grey and vivid bronze gold with gold glitter.

According to your skin tone, you can choose the color that suits to your taste and desired look according to your skin tone and apply it with the accompanying sponge-tip applicator brush.


Cameo Lip Shine Palette

Cameo lip shine palette features six amazing shades of lip gloss, which use rich pigmented formulas that are different from lip shine singles.

It also includes a handy lip brush to color your lips with these beautiful shades. Choose from the wide selection – Tulie, velvet, ruby slipper, corsage, sweet kiss, garnet, heirloom and pendant – to suit the occasion and your complexion.

Make sure the product suits your skin type before buying it. Check for harmful ingredients carefully to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.



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