Organic Makeup For Your Organic Beauty

Organic makeup products have risen to a new level. Nowadays even the biggest players on the market make an effort to produce organic makeup, which is eminent for its better skin care and contains a lot more healthy elements for your youth and beauty. There are several products that are now praised as the best when it comes to eco-friendly make up.

organic beauty products

One of these is EDUN from Sephora. These eyeshades come in warm neutral colors wrapped in sustainable wooden package and organic made cotton pouches.

The advantage of using eco friendly makeup is well proven by A Beautiful Life natural nail lacquers. This is a product from a new generation, made with non-toxic technology and based on soy. The colors are bold and fun, while the packaging is recyclable.

Naturopathica Sweet Lupine Cleansing Crème is giving us another reason to love the eco friendly cosmetic. The product contains only natural elements and herbals such as wild mango, repairing loping protein and others. It is also proven as a good makeup remover.

Origins a Perfect World Age-Defense Moisturizer is one of these products that guarantee totally natural ingredients. It is based on white tea, which is known as the perfect antioxidant.


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