Portable Sets For Make-Up Brushes

Make-up brushes are crucial in applying make-up correctly and smoothly. Blotchy, patchy brushes can lead to major make-up botches, so make sure you select the right ones.

Make-up brushes are made with either natural or synthetic fibers. Many experts believe that natural fibers are better because they have tiny pockets, which collect color and allow even placement of make-up.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pour Sephora Cushy Brush Set

This beautiful brush set keeps all your essential application brushes in one convenient place. The set contains a powder brush, eye shadow brush, slanted brow brush and a smudge brush. This beautiful case also contains a pouch for holding stray make-up products.

Easy for you to carry, this beautiful set is great for traveling and makes a perfect gift.

For more details of this product, visit: http://www.sephora.com/

Master Brush Set

This Laura Mercier master brush set includes a range of sizes and types of brush required for make-up application. The zippered brush case has 14 slots to hold your make-up brushes.

Smudge brushes and brushes used for eye color, cheek color, camouflage powder, angled eye color and flat eye liner all fit in. Remember make-up brushes must be washed on a regular basis with tiny amounts of shampoo and warm water. This can help you to disinfect and condition the brush fibers.

For more details of this product, visit: http://www.lauramercier.com/


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