Stay Beautiful No Matter The Weather

Your beauty depends on the weather conditions and requires different type of care every season. In case the weather is dry and cold, your hair and skin needs the right beauty products for staying healthy and shiny.

Bioré Detoxify Daily Scrub
is a perfect product for total exfoliation of our face, which is the key for a good looking skin. Your hair also suffers from the UV rays, chlorine and saltwater, especially when on vacation.

Try to use hair products, which contain UVA and UVB filters. One of these is Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk, which is a perfect moisturizer. In case outside is rainy and cold there is another decision how to care better for your beauty.

Cold weather dries the skin more than the sun and damages the hair the same way as the sun. In cold and humid conditions, use products that are based on glycolic acid or hydroxyl acid, for they are perfect protection against the rain and the cold.

Get the Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Lotion, which contains a lot of Vitamin C and it is perfect waterproof helper. Wind, rain and cold also damage your hair and irritate its structure. The best product for keeping your haircut and protecting your hair is the LaCoupe Volume Fix Firm Hold Hairspray.


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