Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotions are specially designed for those who go for tanning using tanning beds. Here is a collection of 10 best indoor tanning lotions for 2013 for you to choose from:

1. Australian Gold’s JWoWW

The product is the biggest hit in this line of tanning products for this year so far. The JWoWW is an expert in the deep dark section of tan lotions and is ideal for those who like bronzing. However, the product is not recommended for facial application.

2. Pauly D’s Bronzing Lotions

Pauly D’s Devoted Creations range consists of 3 premier products – a black bronzer, a silicone bronzerand a swagged out black bronzer. These products are the hot favorites with the tanning bed boutiques and in high demand.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

3. Supre Snooki

Nicole Polizzi Supre Snooki is a rage among younger crowd as it promises glowing bronze shades like their pop stars. This latest release from Snooki is a henna & black walnut formulation that gives the best tan and deepest ever color. It also comes in coconut/ sweet almond oil variations.

4. Designer Skin

The latest range from Designer skin is one of the best in tanning bed lotions. The brand is known for its variety and creativity in the indoor tanning lotions. Skin Conceited, Splurge, Juicy Gossip, Ruby, Mr. BIG and Steamy Confessions are the recent releases in this line. The designer bottles stand up to their brand name, with Conceited ranking the highest among them.

5. Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy’s Black Elixir is the best in the non-tingle indoor tanning lotion category. It is loved for its dual role as an indoor and outdoor tanning lotion, as also its fast results. You can additionally use Body Shots accelerators for speeding up the process further.

6. Millennium Tanning

Paint it Black and Black Storm are the two products that are fresh and best in the Millennium Tanning range. It works best for light skinned people, especially beginners. It is the best product in the affordable range of indoor tanning lotions.

7. California Tan

California Tan tanning lotion is loved for its original look and for those who do not like the presence ofbronzers in the formulation. Unlike other indoor tanning lotions it does not leave orange stains after fading, thus making it the best among zero bronzing effect tanning lotions.

8. Rio Tanning

Known for their sensational range of tanning solutions, Rio Tanning comes with cooling, tingling and firming agents. The range also includes non-tingle dark lotions for serious tanners.

9. Brown Sugar

Infused with natural extracts, tanning products from Brown Sugar is a quick way to get a glowing tan. The line has products such as Embellish, Black Grease and Dark Princess, which are a rage among young tanners this year.

10. Fiesta Sun

Manufactured by leading cosmetics company Performance Brands Inc, Fiesta Sun is their range of scented tanning lotions that come in fruity and dessert flavors to entice the younger crowd. They not only give you the darkest shade of bronze but also moisturize you with built in vitamin rich botanical extracts.


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