Blush Your Cheeks!

Are you done with your Makeup? Not yet! Then here are some real good make up tips to make your makeup more highlighting and captivating.

As you all know makeup enhances beauty and reflects ones personality.

But at the same time it is very important to do it in a proper way.

Otherwise it is for sure you’ll end up with that dirty ugly look rather than making it more beautiful. Oh! No that’s not you wanted Right!

So learn how best you can make use of make up in rather a much sophisticated way to get that picture perfect look!blush

Now I hope you know what blush is all about. Yes you are right! It’s just a form of makeup which adds warmth and color to your face making it most radiant and touchy.

It is applied to your cheeks mainly to get that soft and blushing look. They are available in different forms and shades to suit the requirement. Different forms include cream, gel, liquid and powder form which is the most commonly used. Are you ready for that blushing look!

The most convenient and easy to apply is the powder blush, this suit well for oily skin, dry skin people can prefer cream or liquid blush instead. The application of blush is quite simple, just give downward strokes of blush from the top of the ear to the end of the cheeks on both sides.

Select your blush color appropriate with your skin tone and your dressing as well. Be particular in choosing the color of the blush to suit the day as well as night wear and occasion differently. This really matters!

Don’t Overdo It! Yes, blush applied lightly gives that natural look but if you use too much of it then you end up becoming a mobile makeup kit! I am sure you don’t want this to happen, do you? To be natural apply blush which suits your skin tone that color which shows off especially when you really blush, use the same shade.

Seasonal! Keep in mind that seasons play a role in your makeup. Yes this is the reason why you should select the makeup according to the seasons. All shades don’t suit for any season for example for winter you can select reds and pinks while for summer they don’t suit at all instead you can go for beiges, peaches and warm hues, either be it blush or eye shadows or lipsticks.

So now you know which blush suits you the best. Remember for any makeup form be it lip color, eye shadow, foundation or blush it need to suit your dress and occasion as well. Feel Beautiful! Look Beautiful!


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