Bronzing Essentials Set For A Sunkissed Look

bronzing essentialsThere is no better way to accent your tan than with this Bronzing essentials set.

This is all you need for a summer glow on the go—it’s perfect for tossing in your beach bag.

The tri-color bronzing powder brick highlights skin from cheeks and eyes to shoulders and comes with a shiny lip gloss in a shimmery peachy-pink that complements your tan perfectly and keeps lips moisturized and natural.

Using the bronzing brush, dust the color all over your face, focusing on the cheeks, forehead, temples, and chin.

To get an even look, brush a little color on the jaw line and neck and even into the hair line to give the whole look a natural finish. Top it off with a little sugar coat lip gloss. The small kit is perfect to fit in your handbag, or even for travel.

To know more about this product, visit: Sephora


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