Choose A Perfect Skin Moisturizer To Make Your Skin Soft And Smooth!

Skin MoisturizerMoisturizing your skin is always essential in all seasons.

Skin moisturizers make your skin soft and smooth.

Skin always needs hydration like your body, so keep it moisturized always.

Skin moisturizers to be used are different in different seasons. Making choice of good moisturizer is also an important aspect for every one. First of all you must know the type of your skin to select a perfect skin moisturizer.

Some of the essential natural oils for good moisturizer:

Emu oil: Emu oil is best suited as skin moisturizer. It has an ability to penetrate through the skin and acts as anti-inflammatory for the skin. It is also a best medicine for leg cramps and also treats muscle aches.

Shea oil: This oil is mainly helpful to cure acne problems, dry skin, sun burns, dark spots, wounds, stretch marks, rashes, wrinkles and is also used as very good skin moisturizer.

Olive oil: This oil also helps to keep your skin soft and smooth. It has also been proved that olive oil gives better results as a skin moisturizer.

Lavender oil: This oil in combination with olive oil acts as a good skin moisturizer. It is the best medicine for dry skin and wrinkles.

Peaches: These are also used for making skin moisturizers. Peaches provide best proteins and minerals which can make your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Virgin Coconut oil: This very helpful to treat xerosis, a skin disease, generally associated with scaly and rough patches on the skin.

Sesame oil: This oil also serves as skin moisturizer. If you don’t get it with any product then take it separately and apply to it your skin. It is non greasy and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly.

Honey: Honey also serves as good moisturizer for your skin. You can also apply honey in combination with yogurt to your skin.

Dry skin moisturizing:

  • Try to apply dry skin moisturizer twice a day, which helps to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Use thicker and oil based moisturizing products for dry skin.
  • Apply sesame oil while you go out and you can even apply it when you stay at home. It is non greasy and gets absorbed into the skin quickly.

Oily skin moisturizing:

  • As your skin is oily, don’t go for oily products. Use water based skin moisturizers.
  • Apply tomato juice on drier parts of your skin. Tomato acts as a good moisturizer for oily skin.

Analyze the type of your skin and choose good skin moisturizer which suits to your skin. Try to prefer the products which contain natural oils. They always help to keep your skin smooth, soft and glowing.


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