Cosmetic Brushes Every Woman Must Have

Isn’t it fun to experiment with different beauty products? Women are so conscious about their outside appearance that they buy many cosmetics just to look their best.

Aside from the usual makeup like lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers, liners, foundations, and pressed powders they also have other makeup accessories in their bag wherever they go.

Cosmetic brushes are one of these essentials which they have to bring along with them to ensure fast touch ups.

Cosmetic brushes are available at cheap to expensive prices depending on what they are made of. Usually, those made from squirrel hair are considered the finest but also most expensive.

Most designer cosmetic brushes are made of these while cheaper ones are made of goat’s hair or sable. These cosmetic brushes serve various purposes and can be used to apply different cosmetics products.

Why use cosmetic brushes?

Using your fingertips alone can’t give you the look you desire. Cosmetic brushes must be part of your beauty kit since they are the best things to use when applying your makeup.

They provide less mess and more precise and even strokes. Cosmetic brushes can help you control the amount of color you want to put on your face and their handles can make you apply makeup easily.

Cosmetic brushes must-have

1. Foundation and blusher brushes

The first thing you apply when putting color on your face is foundation. Many foundations come with free facial sponge but cosmetic brushes like those with flat tops and longer bristles are more ideal.

They can also be used to apply blushers and even bronzers. These cosmetic brushes make it easier to blend the color without getting too messy.


2. Concealer brushes

There are also cosmetic brushes which you can use for concealers. They are made of sponge instead of bristles or animal hair. They are perfect for liquid and stick concealers.

3. Eye makeup brushes

Eye makeup cosmetic brushes are something you shouldn’t miss out on. Everyday you wear eye shadows to highlight your eyes and the right cosmetic brushes can do the trick.

These brushes come in different sizes, usually smaller than the ones used in the cheeks. They may be made of natural hair or sponge.

4. Mineral makeup brushes

Mineral makeup comes with specialized cosmetic brushes that allow its mineral content to spread evenly on your face. These brushes are made from natural hair of animals like rabbit or goat.

5. Lipstick brush

Perhaps the smallest member of cosmetic brushes, the lipstick brush allows you to paint your lips evenly. These cosmetic brushes have long handles and thinner bristles for easy application.

Buying the right cosmetic brushes

  • Buy cosmetic brushes made of natural hair which are soft and cut evenly.
  • Be practical and buy cheaper cosmetic brushes yet of good quality.
  • If you are not comfortable about using animal products, go ahead and buy those which are made of synthetic materials.
  • Go for handy cosmetic brushes which you can carry along with you.
  • Buy different kinds of cosmetic brushes for all your makeup needs.


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