Givenchy – We Got The Blues, L’oreal – We Are So Green

The success of Avatar seems to be wanted by many products lately and the cosmetics are not an exception.

Givenchy, for example, has launched a line of products for the coming summer and they contain so much blue and green you might guess they are being used by either aliens or Avatar characters.

L’Oreal, on the other hand, decides to go green and launches the Innovation with No Ammonia (INOA), a line of hair coloring products which are not only more hair friendly but also have a much better smell.

The product is expected to revolutionize the way women paint their hair by giving an alternative to the classic hair coloring methods. The color of the hair will be more intense, will last longer, and your scalp will never itch again (as a cause of the hair paint you are using).

The revolutionary INOA contains oleo gel, a type of color concentrate and a mix that includes conditioner and a cream developer. To start with, you will be able to choose out of 50 different nuances which will only cost you 10% more than the regular treatment in a salon; but will they include greens and blues as well? We will shortly find that out.


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