10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands of 2011

– The brands that rocked the year

When women are looking for cosmetics, there are different factors that influence their decision. One of these might be the brand, since there are some trusted brands, and there are also some that women don’t really like. Here are some of the top cosmetic brands of 2011.

1. The Body Shop


This brand is one of the most popular of them all, because they have a special policy when it comes to the clients. They believe in the philosophy – the more a company listens to its clients, it will be able to satisfy them at a higher level. Since the beginnings, the brand has been based on the interpersonal relationships and the relationship between the company and the clients. This is the brand to choose in case you would like to make your voice heard. You can find the stores all over the country and there is almost no mall without it.

2. Clinique


This brand is one of the world leaders of the cosmetic brands regarding the production and marketing of makeup, treatment, perfume and hair products. It all started in 1968 when different makeup products and treatments were launched. All of these products have been tested to find allergens and they are known for not having any perfume. The main point of the products is to serve the individual needs of women as a result of the hard work of professional dermatologists. In the majority of the cases the products are part of 3 step treatments of cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing.

3. Olay


Olay is known as one of the top skin care retail brands of the world, except for Japan and it belongs to the family of P&G. The brand started in South Africa in the 1950s. The base of the products consists of a special kind of oil. At the beginning the name of the brand had been Oil of Olaz and then Ulay, and later it became Olay as a combination of the two. Since the brand offers high quality products, it is no wonder that so many women opt for it over other kinds of brands.

4. L’Oreal

L’Oreal was founded more than a hundred years ago, and it is known for offering products both for women and men. Actually, it is said that the thing that makes the brand so popular is that it comes with passion. Although they have quite a tradition, the brand doesn’t get stuck in the old times and it embraces the advancements of technology in order to improve the products and to make the clients even more satisfied with what they have to offer. The brand is known for having continuous research regarding new products and also possible new markets.

5. Avon


At the moment Avon is one of the largest brands in the U. S. handling cosmetics, perfume and toys. It is present in 140 different countries and territories. The brand started in1886. It gained a lot of fame in 1989 when it became the first company ever to stop testing their products on animals. This means that none of the products that we can find in stores has been tested on animals. The brand is also known for the fact that just any person could become a representative and thus earn some money and maybe get a leadership position.

6. Nivea


In the majority of cases when people talk about lotions and creams, they instantly think about Nivea. This is because the brand always comes up with innovative solutions for the problems of people and it offers products that have a long lasting effect. At the moment it is one of the largest skin care products brand and it is trusted all over the world. The products that the brand has to offer include sun care, makeup, men’s care, face care, bath care, all purpose creams, baby care, deodorants, hair care, lip care and many other different cosmetic products as well.

7. Revlon


This is also an American company that focuses on makeup and body products. Naturally there are also some lip care products that the clients can choose from, and these include lip gloss, lip liners and lipstick. The company has become famous for the high quality foundations that it offers, like powder, concealer and blush. There are some products for the eyes as well, like mascara, false lashes, eyeliners and eye shadows. Among others, the nail care products and the hair care products have gained worldwide popularity as well. You can be sure to find the stores of the brand no matter where you go.

8. Max Factor


Over the years, Max Factor has become known as the makeup artists’ makeup artist. It is interesting to know that behind all this there has been a man, Max Factor, and he is the one who first came up with foundation, then mascara and then added other products to the portfolio. He managed to set a standard for the others to follow. Max Factor has been the brand that has created the beauties of the 20thcentury. In addition, he didn’t only come up with products, but with different kinds of techniques as well.

9. Neutrogena


This is also one of the American brands that handle color cosmetics, hair care products and skin care products. The brand was started in 1930, and at the moment it belongs to Johnson & Johnson. As you might have guessed by now, the products of the company are marketed all over the world. The brand is known for the fact that it is recommended by dermatologists and at the moment you can find these products in about 70 different countries. The interesting thing about the company is that it set up expert centers in different countries to offer advice to the clients.

10. Covergirl


Covergirl is also a really well-known brand that belongs to the company P&G. The first spokeswoman of the brand was the model Jennifer O’Neil in1962. It is said that she is the one who managed to turn the brand into a top brand. This brand is famous for something not that good: it is the largest brand that is known to be conducting animal testing when developing a new product. Nonetheless P&G stated that about 80% of the products that it has do not go through animal testing.


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