A Guide On Selecting Pregnancy Friendly Cosmetics

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for you and the life growing inside you. The things that you apply on your skin and are absorbed will have as much effect on your baby as would the things you eat and inhale. Just as you know that smoking and drinking in pregnancy is bad for the health of the unborn child including yourself, you should also know that using cosmetic products during pregnancy may also harm the baby. This is so because products put on the skin get absorbed and mix with blood stream that may reach the placenta and even cross it to affect the baby.

pregnancy and cosmetic products

Read on to find out which cosmetics are safe or unsafe for you during pregnancy

1. Teeth Whitening agents

The peroxide present in these products do not harm humans even if they are swallowed in small quantities. However during pregnancy it is best to avoid such products and stick to whitening toothpastes and go through the daily regime of brushing, flossing and mouthwash.

2. Nail Polish

The substance called Phthalates that is found in nail polishes commonly has been shown to cause interference with the sexual development in males, in studies done on animals. No conclusive data is available to show the effect of this substance on humans. However it is best to avoid a nail enamel that has phthalates as one of its ingredient.

3. Sunscreen

During pregnancy your skin gets super sensitive. Appearance of melanin spots are also common during this time. Therefore using sunscreen is necessary but take care to use a non- chemical one. You could also use sunscreen that have zinc oxide as active ingredient. This coats the skin and does not get absorbed. Also use hats and umbrellas o protect yourself rather than depending fully on sunscreen.

4. Perfume

During pregnancy, all kinds of smell become too pronounced. So to avoid yourself from feeling too overwhelmed by perfumes, use just a mild deodorant or perfume for sensitive skin.

5. Anti -Ageing Cream

Wrinkle cream or anti- ageing products contain high dosage of Vitamin A which is bad for the unborn baby. Avoid using these during your pregnancy period.

6. Hair colouring

Few studies indicate that some compounds in chemical hair coloring’s may cause birth defects. Under these conditions it is best to avoid hair colours during pregnancy.

7. Anti -Acne Products

products containing anti acne chemicals like Accutane and retinoic acid should not be used during pregnancy as it causes birth defects.


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