The Dangers Of Using Expired Cosmetics

According to the experts, it is important to get rid of make up once it expires.

You need to do this because your skin might get infected. You might actually acquire skin breakouts like rashes and other skin related disease due to expired make up.

Expired cosmetics can also cause pink eye which can be so irritating. Cosmetic products usually don’t have expiration labels so it is hard to determine whether it is expired or not.

Make up expiration dates serve only as a guide and there are times when the product expires long before its actual term if it is not stored well.cosmetics

From the time that you use a product, it acquires bacteria and its life span decreases. It is best to handle the product with care. It is advisable that you keep it in a dry and cool place.

If you notice any changes in product like its texture or smell, throw it right away. Make up usually consists of preservatives that can kill bacteria acquired through common use. However based on research, any make up that you purchase may contain little bacteria.

As soon as you open a make up product, airborne bacteria may rush in right away. You can also add to the bacteria especially if handling it with dirty hands.

Unclean applicator or brush may also bring forth bacteria. There are cosmetics that age and because of this, they lose effectiveness of fighting off bacteria no matter how careful you handle it.

There are several techniques that you can do in order to prolong the life of your make up. Keeping proper hygiene is the main key to avoid the danger of using expired cosmetics. Before applying make up, see to that you wash your face and hands with soap.

Avoid touching the make up directly. It is recommended that you place a little in a spoon or applicator. Never share your make up with others. When not in use, make sure that you tightly close the container of the product. Don’t add water to the make up because bacteria could multiply a lot faster.

Liquid foundation only last for about six months. Concealers last for just eight months. Powders, lip stick, lip gloss and eye pencil can be used for up to a year.

Mascara is considered to have the shortest life span because it can only last for three months. Before using any product, inspect it first. Watch out for odor or uncommon texture and you will be safe.


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