Which Perfume Goes With Whom?

Most women buy perfume after sampling every single bottle the department store counter has to offer.

They spray some into the air and breathe in, or they take the little sample and hold it to their nose, or they ask their friend what they are wearing and purchase it.

There is a catch, however. Have you ever dabbed a little on your wrist and went about your day? Have you noticed that it smells a little differently from when you first put it on to a few hours later to the end of the day?

You’ll notice this if you’ve ever borrowed perfume from your friend, it may smell wonderful on her but like overripe oranges on you.perfume

Perfumes smell different on different people and it has something to do with your skin pH and whether you have oily or dry skin.

Perfumes are made up of different fragrance combinations and have three “notes” that are combined to make up the scent. The three notes spread out throughout the day because of their evaporation levels.

The first note, known as the top or head note, is what you smell when you first give a spray on the nozzle. The middle or heart note comes forth just when the top note is spent. Together the middle and base note make up the true scent of the perfume. The base note is often richer and it lasts the longest, but does not appear until about half an hour later or longer.

Perfume changes from woman to woman because of our body chemistry. Oilier skin causes perfume to smell stronger while dry skin helps perfume dissipate sooner. What you eat can cause your skin’s pH balance to tilt towards either the acid or base side of the spectrum, as can stress, thereby changing the perfume’s scent.

So don’t just purchase perfume that smells wonderful in the air or on a piece of paper. Before buying perfume, place a little on your skin and go for a walk, continue shopping, get a latte and then smell it again. If it still smells great, do a little more shopping, get a bite to eat and have a chat with friends.

Give it one more smell and if you still like it, go and buy it. Remember that there are many factors that can change the way a perfume smells. Oily or dry skin, skin pH, environment, smoke, even stress, can alter the way a scent smells on you. So before buying it, go hunting for it and …happy sniffing.

When you’ve found the perfume you’ve been looking for, put it to the best use by placing it on areas of your skin that are pulse points. Your pulse points are located on your wrist, elbow, behind your ears, base of your throat, on your neck.


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