Disadvantages of Using Local Eye Products

Our Eyes are the most sensitive organs in our body. They help us explore this beautiful universe and we intend to make them look more gorgeous. Eye make-up tutorials are now flooding all over the internet. People are glued towards discovering new means to brighten their eyes either by using eyelash extension or giving the eyes a smoky look. Eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, are some usual makeup items, which are found in the wardrobe of every girl. However, have you ever considered the makeup that you are using right now?

Many a time, we tend to choose a local eye product instead of buying an expensive one. This can eventually curb your expense, but in the long run, it can do potential damage to your eyes. You might be thinking that it is only occasionally that you will use an eyeshadow, so why should you spend a few dollars purchasing an expensive one. But the fact is if you spend a little now then you can probably save your eyes from the damage that the local products can cause. Let us now check out some of the disadvantages of using local cosmetics for eyes.

Disadvantages of Using Local Eye Products

  • Cosmetics don’t come with any label of the ingredients as they are usually smaller in size. Thus, in case of local eye products, there are high chances that your product might have a higher quantity of mercury, parabens, and lead content in it. If this is used on a prolonged basis, it may result to blindness of the eyes.
  • Local brands don’t have any expiry date as such and using such product can cause detrimental effect when it comes in contact with your eyes. The locally bought eyeliner that you are using might be eight years old, and the chemicals present in them can damage the eyes with regular exposure.
  • Local eye products when used for longer span of time can lead to infection and other eye ailments.
  • Many of us are also seen using locally made contact lenses, which match their dress for an evening party. But the more you touch your eyes, the more you expose it towards infection. Besides, if the contact lens kit contains dust particles, then it can pose damage to eyelids and tear the eye itself.
  • The soot particles present in mascara lead to the blocking of oil-producing pores required to lubricate the tear film. If these pores get blocked, then it can lead to posterior meibomitis, a chronic inflammatory reaction that occurs in the eyelids. This even leads to dryness, redness, and irritation in the eyes.
  • While you give your eyes a brighter look by wearing a local eyelash extension, beware of the harm it can cause. Firstly, the adhesive used for fixing it can accidentally enter the ocular surface and cause bacterial infection, scar and in the worst case lead to permanent vision damage. Secondly, these extensions tend to make your eyes drier.

Therefore, it is important that you always opt for natural eye products and purchase cosmetics from renowned stores and brands. Stick to one particular brand of cosmetics that suits you and avoid using locally made products. Lastly, never forget to remove your eye makeup before going to sleep. Leaving it overnight can pose serious damage to your eyes.


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