Give Stunning Look To Your Eyes With Brilliant Eye Liner!

While applying makeup, it is very essential for you to make sure that what you are applying to your face is complimenting your looks or not.

Particularly, you should take special care while applying makeup to your eyes. A small mistake while applying makeup to your eyes can completely ruin your pretty face.

If you want to get natural look for your eyes, you should use black eyeliner. However, if you are interested in trendy or stylish look, numerous shades and variety of eyeliners are available in the market.

Brilliant Eye Liner!

Laura Mercier brilliant eyeliner is a definitive liquid eye liner that holds up the elements for all day wear. Each application releases a burst of excellent color precisely at the lash line of your eye and gives stunning look to your eyes.

brilliant eye liner

The liquid cream texture of eyeliner provides greater control for application. One special feature of this brilliant eyeliner: sweat, water and transfer resistant.

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