Stunning Eye Products For Beautiful Eyes!

Are you confused what color you should wear for your eye makeup? With a host of makeup and beauty products flocking the market, it will be very difficult for you to choose right color for an eye makeup.

However, if you really want stunning eyes, it is very important for you to choose right color for your eyes.

At the same time, you should be aware with the chemicals or minerals used in the colors to protect your eyes from disasters. Keep your eye size, shape and also your skin texture in your mind, while selecting colors for eye makeup.

Ponder Four Piece Collection!

In this four piece eye color collection, 3 different bare-minerals shades are available along with a dual ended brush.

These coolest greens bring you back to nature and if worn together, they cleverly compliment each other in a fusion of style that enhances the look of your eyes.

100% pure bare-minerals are naturally beneficial for your delicate eye area. These colors are preservative free and also non-irritating.

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Eyeliner Pencil!

Korres eyeliner pencils are water resistant, mineral oil free and also preservative free. 14 different shades are available for you. These eyeliner pencils are rich in vegetable oils and vitamins and also waxes.

The soft texture of the pencils allows you for easy application and excellent color consistency. Apply along your eyelash line from inner to outer corner and leave it as it is or blend it for softer look.

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