Stunning Eyeliner Colors To Redefine Your Eyes

Eyeliner is a small yet significant tool for creating dramatic eye make-up. It helps your eyes to stand out by highlighting them and defining them.

While black is the perfect color to define the natural look of your eyes, these days many shades of eyeliners are available. Choose your eyeliner color according to your taste and the occasion.

Liner clubbing

These shades of eye liners are mainly inspired by the dance floors of Paris. You can easily define your eyes with this particular ultra-resistant liquid eye liner in one stroke. With intense and precise application of color and light, it is easy to redefine a look for your eyes.

Liner clubbing lasts for eight hours after application without smudging. A super thin, supple brush allows easy and precise application. [ via ]

Cream Eye Liner Palette

This compact cream eye liner palette is packed with 10 amazing colors, together with an oversized mirror and a mini eyeliner brush.

The mistake-proof formula of eyeliner creates elegantly defined lines for your eyes and allows you to create a smoky, sultry look. [ via ]


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