Wonderful Eyebrow Colors To Enhance The Look Of Your Eyes!

Well groomed eyebrows with perfect eye makeup draw attention to your eyes and make them look bigger. Eyebrow fashion changes frequently, but the most sensible option is to stick to the natural.

Caring your eyebrows is easy once you attain perfect shape (eyebrow shaping), which suits to shape of your face and eyes.

Have you ever heard about brow powder? Usually, it is used to emphasize your brow shape. If you have thin eyebrows, it also adds texture and dimension to thin brows.

Essential Brow Color!

If you’re vexed with harsh brow pencils, you can choose brow powder with bare-minerals. This particular brow powder is specially extracted from bare-minerals.

Once if you realize the difference between brow powder made with bare-minerals and harsh eyebrow pencils, you’ll never try to go back.

This essential brow color is available in 4 different natural-toned shades. You can easily pick the one that best matches with your hair. You can simply rub off with no oils to stay fresh and true all day.

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Brow Powder Duo!

If you want beautiful and natural brow effects, you can use this two shade compact. This wonderful sheer to medium opacity eyebrow powder includes both anti-oxidant vitamins C and E. it is available in 2 two-tone shades.

Apply dark shade first where the brows are sparse and then brush with lighter shade over the entire eye brow. You can use Spooley brush to pull the color through the brow.

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