Find A Foundation Type That Can Be Applied In Hurry!

The first step of making up your face consists of concealer, foundation and powder. You can opt for liquid as well as powder foundation.

Select the best one which is suitable to you and which makes you to look beautiful. Foundation is the essential aspect before going to any make-up. [Make Up Foundation]

Take a look on different foundation types available in the market:

Mineral Powder SPF 15

Mineral Powder SPF 15This Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation type is a finely milled powder.

It is completely composed of natural elements and 15 amino acids are used in it in order to clear the skin of toxins.

It helps to promote healthy skin growth and it also fights against the aging process.

This mineral powder is water resistant and oil free. It can be applied as a pigmented powder or as a buildable foundation.

Mica imparts and pure pearl powders are used in this powder, these ingredients helps to obtain healthy, natural and youthful glow.

Zinc oxide present in it works as a sunscreen agent and it blocks the harmful sun rays which affects your face. To find more information on this foundation type, checkout the website given:

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation

This Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation type is made with a layerable and highly pigmented formula.

Use it where it is needed & it allows you to determine the quantity of coverage.

Laura Mercier Oil Free FoundationThis complete range of yellow based foundation is made to accommodate most women to obtain most natural look.

This oil free foundation type is made with Lightweight formula, so it never looks heavy and cakey.

This foundation will not affect your skin and it consists of vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins acts as antioxidants to protect your skin from harmful effects in the environment.

Have a glance on the given website to know further details on this product:

Foundation powder

Laura Mercier Foundation PowderThis is wet or dry foundation powder. It is made with special formulation that helps to control the oil control ingredients to hinder shine.

It you want wet foundation; apply this with the given enclosed sponge. It will offer more coverage than liquid foundation.

If you want to know further details of this foundation type take a look on the website given:


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