Attractive Hair Accessories For Long Hair

Having long hair can be such a hassle but a long beautiful mane can be a big asset that adds to your natural beauty.

No wonder, many women prefer growing their hair long since they can do many things with it like style it, have different hairdos, and add hair accessories to make it more attractive. With long hair, you can easily experiment with different looks.

Whether you are going to a party or simply just want to take a walk, you need to look presentable.

One way to get admiring glances from the opposite sex is to wear attractive hair accessories for your long hair.

There’s no need to apply makeup all the time or wear fancy dresses since using the right hair accessories can already earn you positive impressions.

Most common hair accessories

1. Headbands

Young and old alike are fond of wearing headbands to keep their hair back and away from their face. These hair accessories are so popular since they are very practical to use.

All you have to do is place one above your head and you can already emphasize your face. Nowadays, there are different kinds of headbands to choose from. There are those made of plastic, cloth, and even leather. They are also available in many colors, shapes, and designs.

These fancy hair accessories may have crystals, beads, sparklers, or artificial flowers and butterflies which can make your hair even more attractive.

2. Hair pins

These handy hair accessories can do wonders to your long hair. Aside from keeping your hairdo in place, they can beautify your hair when used alone.

You can pin a few strands at the back of your ear with hair pins or use them with your braids. They come in different lengths, colors, and designs. Today, these hair accessories even have jewels while some are multicolored.

3. Clamps

These are practical hair accessories especially if you don’t have enough time to style your hair. You can just twist your long hair and secure it in place with a nice clamp and have some loose strands to frame your face.

Nobody will even notice you didn’t get your hair done. Clamps are available in different sizes. Large ones are used to secure all your hair strands while smaller ones can be used to hold only a few strands at the back of your head. These hair accessories can even be used to replace hair pins.

4. Ribbons

Who says that wearing ribbons on your hair is only for little girls is obviously mistaken. Ribbons are hair accessories which are ideal for all ages. They never go out of style too.

These hair accessories serve different purposes. They can be used as headbands or something to tie your hair with. They are also very affordable so you can buy as many as you want of various colors to match your outfits.

5. Hair combs

These hair accessories are so easy to use. They act as combs and at the same time as ornaments for your long hair.

Most popular hair combs are those adorned with crystals, beads, and jewels. You can also find more affordable ones made from plastic.


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