Buying ghds – Why They’re So Good

If you purchase flat irons you want to know that you are buying the best possible brand that you can and a product that won’t damage your hair.

But just what makes ghd hair stylers so good? The brand has only been around since 2001 but since then has reached iconic status despite not even advertising during their first two years! What’s more, a number of celebrities have endorsed the brand and most hair salons tend to use ghds, so should you?

Buying ghds

It is the ceramic plates that the styler uses that make them so much better than the hair stylers that had preceded them. The thing about ceramic is that it conducts heat really well so that the whole plate heats up; it also allows the irons to glide through the hair without snagging at all which is really important if you don’t want to damage your hair.

ghds also heat up very quickly, in about 10 seconds in fact, and maintain the heat as long as they are turned on, so you won’t need to keep running it through your hair repeatedly. The stylers also have the same temperature throughout the length of the ceramic plate, thanks to the matrixed heating element if you want to get all technical and because of this, you will get optimum results.

The other thing that makes ghds really special is its rounded barrel, which means you can create curls and waves as well as straighten your hair “something which in the past you needed more than one styling tool for”.

The rounded barrel gives real versatility from your flat irons. It means you can have gorgeous catwalk curls and sexy beach waves as well as sleek straight hair.

What’s more, as well as heating up really quickly, ghds also cool down really quickly too, which isconvenient for girls on the go because they can pack them away quickly after use “especially good as we could all do with a bit more time.”

So with ghds, you get a whole package – a set of stylers that are better for your hair than their metal predecessors, allowing you to create a number of styles with one styler, and a number of handy design features.

ghd straighteners aren’t cheap, but they are a real investment. But your ghd straighteners will last for years, and if you compare them to a pair of budget straighteners that will only last you for a few months, ghds do have the cheapest average price per month. Cheap ghd straighteners is therefore a fair way to describe them. Check out the classic ghd stylers on the official ghd website or at your local ghd approved salon, and keep an eye out for the sought after limited edition stylers.


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