Effective Ways To Add Shine And Volume To Your Hair

If you want your hair to be more vibrant and full of life, choose an effective hair conditioner and shampoo.

Shampoos must be chosen according to your scalp type, but hair conditioners depend on the type of hair.

Fekkai for Men Light Conditioner

Try this conditioner to add extra luster and life to your hair. The lightweight formula uses the enhancing benefits of sage and rosemary, which restores the essential moisture and shine of your hair without weighing your hair down.

Use it alone, or for optimum results, combine it with a shampoo that works well with the conditioner. [ via ]

Aroma Volumizing Shampoo

Aroma Volumizing Shampoo is made with a natural complex of five essential oils that work together to give volume and lightness to your hair. This silicon-free shampoo brings shine, volume and lightness to your hair.

The essential oils in the shampoo improve the cutaneous micro circulation and help rebalance the scalp.

The shampoo adds softness and vitality to your hair. To use this shampoo, first wet your hair and then apply the shampoo. After forming a lather, rinse well and repeat the process if necessary. [ via ]


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