RegenePure DR: Most Effective Hair loss Shampoo

Many of us out there have had to deal with some sort of hair loss. Whether it be balding, shedding, hair thinning, or loss post pregnancy, hair loss is a burden for people everywhere.  Looking for a hair loss treatment or hair loss shampoo can be tricky.

Luckily, we have found a family of hair loss shampoos that can help all areas of hair loss. The RegenePure line of shampoos is made by a company called Salonceuticals. They specialize in safe & effective treatments for hair in need.

RegenePure DR & RegenePure NT

RegenePure DR & RegenePure NT are sulfate (SLS) and paraben free hair loss shampoos. Made with the finest ingredients, these shampoos will leave your hair feeling more full & radiant. Instead of dealing with treatments that add up to tons of steps, RegenePure hair loss shampoos are just as easy as washing your hair.

RegenePure DR uses 1% ketoconazole as its active ingredient and contains nine all-natural supportive ingredients proven to reduce hair loss, and increase circulation to the scalp, including linoleic acid and niacin. We’ve found many users swear by this product for new growth, and so do we.

In addition, they have another gentle cleansing treatment, RegenePure NT. This caffeine, saw palmetto and niacin cleanser takes away impurities and toxins, while leaving your hair conditioned & healthy.  With the use of the ingredient lecithin, you’re sure to see new growth.

Lecithin has been shown in studies to be as strong a hair growth agent as Minoxidil! Both treatments are safe to use on color & keratin treated hair.

The RegenePure line of shampoos promises to have no Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates, no DEA, noSynthetic Fragrance, no Harsh Chemicals. It also promises to not test on animals and will always besulfate & paraben free. If you’re ready to see the difference and new hair growth, we highly recommend you try it out. Check them out at


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