The Stylish Choice To Hide Your Grays

There are several products, which surely any lady needs to know about. These are the latest hair products, which will improve your hair structure and color.

One of the best hair colorists is James Lyons, an expert who is suggesting a brand new hair product – the Touchback Marker.

touchback marker

paul mitchell diffuser

It is a product, which temporarily covers your gray hairs. It is easy to apply by simply brushing the hair and in a matter of minutes you will see your natural hair color. It’s good to know that this magic marker comes in eight different shades.

Another good hair product is the Bumble and Bumble hair powder, which is good for tinting your grays. The hair powder is perfect to cover the gray strands and its formula doesn’t disturb the hair structure.

bumble hair powder

The popular hair mascara is also an option, but this time with a new formula, presented by Cover Your Gray Brush-in Mascara. The mascara is good, in case you have to cover just a few strands.

In case you want to brighten your hair, there is also an amazing helper – the René Furterer Okara mild silver shampoo.

rene furterer okara mild silver shampoo

This is the perfect shampoo, which will apply natural graying on your hair without that unpleasant yellow nuance we all dread. The shampoo is made with silver pigments and totally removes the yellow shades.


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