Top Hair Straightener Brands According to Users

It may be difficult to find the best flat iron, but there are some hair straightener brands that most definitely should be taken into consideration. Naturally all of the products have some upsides and downsides and while some of them could work out for you, the others may not.

SalonTech Silicone 450 Professional Hairstyling Iron

This product won the ‘Best of Beauty’ award. It is considered to be one of the best brands of hair straightener because it reaches 450 degrees under 20 seconds. At this temperature the coarsest hair can be flattened with only one pull-through. There are also some other features that make the product special, like the way of communication.

hair-straightener-brandsUsing smart sound it tells you when it is ready to use, and it automatically turns off after 30 minutes if it isn’t used.

FHI Heat Runway

Some people really praise this brand of hair straightener. Even more, it is said to be the favorite of the pros because it offers sleek and smooth hair with one pass. The price is a bit high, of about $300, bit it comes with tourmaline plates and it should last for a lifetime.

Hai Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the most important features of this particular example of the hair straightener brands is that it is coated so that it doesn’t damage the hair. The temperature that it uses is high enough to get the hair straightened, but not high enough to damage it. Another advantage is that it can be used only after 30 seconds.

Farouk Systems’ Chi

There are many people who can’t choose among the Chi and the Hai brands of hair straightener. This is one of the flat irons that you could choose, in case you have $200 or more in your pocket. Also you can be sure that you will have it for many, many years.

Revlon Perfect Heat Professional Straightener

In case you aren’t looking for those very expensive hair straightener brands, this is the one that you should definitely take into consideration. You might be surprised by its price tag and also by the results that it manages to offer.

Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline

The brand for hair straightener called Sedu is said to be the best one on the market and there are numerous celebrities that are using it. The price tag won’t scare you off either, because it costs about $130.

Hana Mini

This is the perfect brand for hair straightener in case you would like to keep the product in your purse or travelling bag. It is suitable for just any hair type and it comes with ceramic and tourmaline plates. The colors available include pink and blue so they are perfect for both teens and adults.

The Instyler

This is one of the hair straightener brands that you may know for seeing it on TV. It is a little different from all the other hair straightener brands that you might have seen because of the rotating hot iron that comes with 4 bristles.


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