What Hair Spray Should You Choose To Use?

hair sprayChoosing what kind of hair spray to use will depend upon what type of hair you have.

It also depends on what level of hold that you want for your hair.

The style that you wear your hair in will determine how much hair spray you need to apply.

Hair sprays come in all sorts of different scents and chemical make-ups. They range in price from a little over a dollar to fifty dollars a can.

Salon sprays will cost you more than buying a hair spray at your local department store or pharmacy. Famous brand names will also cost you more.

Different Holds

The main thing you are looking for in a hair spray is that it keeps your hair in the style and shape you want. There are four types of hold for your hair:

Flexible hold: Gives you a small amount of hold – lets your hair still move

Strong hold: Will keep most of your hair in place when doing activity

Ultra hold: Hair will not move at all, good for all hairstyles

Freeze: The strongest hold possible

You may want to keep more than one type of hold on hand to use depending upon what style of hair you are wearing on a certain day. If you are going off to work on a stormy day, you may want to use a stronger hold.

For casual days when the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing, you may choose to use a flexible hold. You will want to use freeze when you are going to dress up for an affair that requires an elaborate hair do.

Tip for Using Hairsprays

Make sure you pick a type of hair spray that will not leave a residue in your hair. White flakes can develop if you overspray or do not wash your hair enough between sprays. Do not hold your hairspray too close to your hairstyle when spraying.

Holding your hair spray several inches away from your hairstyle will give you the best effect and it will help you not to get too much spray on your hair.

Remember that hairspray has chemicals in it and it can be flammable so do not use it while you are using your curling iron or hair dryer.

The Feel of Hair

The way a hairspray feels in your hair is very important. You will not want a hairspray that feels sticky to the touch or one that makes your hair bounce as if it is one big glob of hair.

Nobody wants to try to run their fingers through their hair only to find that you cannot get your fingers through.  A hair spray that you can easily wash out with soap and water is the best to purchase. You want your hair to look as natural as possible.

Hair sprays come in aerosols and pump sprays. You will want to do your homework when it comes to hair spray. You will not want to use anything that can damage your beautiful hair.


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