Hair Roller- Set Sexy Wavy Look!

hair rollerWant to look more sexy and stunning, go for a different hair style.

Get those long waves or short waves in your hair for that captivating look.

If you have straight hair then make them a bit curly, either big curls or small curls choice is yours. Wondering how this is possible? It’s very simple all you need to do is use hair rollers to make it possible.

They are simple to use and very effective. Come let’s curl your hair! Right Now!

What You Need? All you need to roll or curl your hair is a good set of hair rollers either heated or non heated. Both are feasible to use.

To manage the curling of hair all by your self you need a good tail comb, this is used to divide your hair or partition your hair to make sections. You need to have a good set of hair rollers for curling hair, pins if necessary and a styling spray or gel or cream. Better to use a spray for your convenience.

Use Them Properly! Yes, in order to avoid any complications and damage of your hair you better follow all the guide lines and steps correctly. A good hair roller with its ideal use will give you a complete satisfaction of owning those curls which you were longing for. Curls Beautiful Curls! All YOURS!

Conditioning is a must! Before starting the rolling process don’t forget to shampoo and condition your hair. Let it dry partially. Now spray your styling product and start your process of hair curling now.

Different hair rollers are available in the market for specific needs and benefits. For example some of them are the magnetic rollers, velcro rollers and the foam rollers. For long lasting curls use magnetic curls, ideal for long hair.

For short and fine hair you can go for velcro rollers and foam rollers are best for fragile hair and used when your hair is completely dry.

Now that you have selected your type of roller start sectioning your hair using a tail comb and apply your first hair roller to one section. Remember that the entire section of your hair should fit well into the hair roller.

For this purpose selecting of size of the roller should match with the size of the curl to plan to get. Firmly hold the entire hair into the roller tightly and fix it up. After you are done putting the entire hair in the hair roller spray the hair styling spray and leave them to get set.

After it has dried pretty well remove all the rollers and what your hair has turned curly? Wow! Look at those curls! Aren’t they looking fabulous? Yes, I know they do. So what next, just style your hair in what ever way you want them to and you are ready for the show. So enjoy your curly hair style!


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