How Safe Is Our Daily Beauty Care?

Cosmetic giants and producers are convincing us our cosmetic products are safe and clean.

Commercial ads promote clean and natural products, but the question is how safe is actually ourcosmetic care? In case you haven’t thought about it, here are some facts that prove there is a reason for our concerns.

First of all, our cosmetic producers often label their items as “natural”. Apart from the organic cosmetic, no one really knows what natural means, simply because there are no standards about it. In U.S., the word “natural” on any cosmetic product we buy is absolutely just a commercial.

Daily Beauty Care

For instance, in Europe there are standards about the cosmetic, but even they are just regulating theorganic products. The term “natural” isn’t a guarantee that the products are made out of natural components.

The FDA even claims that there are products, which are 99.9% synthetic, but they are labeled as natural simply because they have water inside it. The disturbing fact about the cosmetics is hidden elsewhere.

According to the statistic, nearly 70,000 already released cosmetic products have never been tested before hitting the market. Usually these are products made by small producers and the bad news is – they contain toxins, which can cause serious problems to your skin.


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