Lancome Skin Care Products To Attain Smooth Skin

Aqua Fusion Cream-Continuous Infusing Moisturizer

Aqua fusion cream is a moisturizer, which helps in reducing water loss from your skin.

These moisturizers prevent the dryness of your skin. If there is a loss of moisture from your skin, wrinkles can appear on the skin.

Instill your skin with moisture to see it glow all the day.


It delivers 16 essential elements to maintain moisture level of the skin. This Aqua fusion cream is oil free, smooth and contains fresh moisture.

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Bright Expert – Intense Brightening Toner Hydrating & Conditioning

tonerBright expert intense brightening toner cleanses your skin and shrinks the pores on the face.

Its unique technology targets damaged surface cells and decrease the dark spots appearance.

The components used in this toner helps to even out and brighten the complexion. You can see natural radiance on your face after using it.

You can apply the toner in different ways. Apply it with damp cotton or with your finger tips. After toning, blot the face dry with tissue.

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Primordiale Optimum Night-First Signs of Aging Visibly Renewing Night Treatment

aging creamPrimordiale Optimum Night cream makes you to look younger by diminishing the visible wrinkles on your skin.

This optimum night cream fights with the signs of aging in just five days.

The cream is developed with beech bud extract and pro-vitamin A.

This night cream helps in reducing visible lines and improves your skin texture and tone. Your skin becomes smooth and younger.

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Aroma Tonic-Energizing Shower Gel

shower gelAroma tonic energizing shower gel is a fresh, foaming gel with fruit extracts and is a pure treatment that cleanses your body smoothly and gently.

Aromatic extracts give pure energy to your senses and leave you feel sparkling fresh all the day.

It cleans your body while showering and offers aroma therapeutic benefits.

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