6 Most Luscious Lipsticks For Your Beautiful Lips

1. Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor Smooth Hold


We already know Color Design Lipcolor is a revolution, since most of the Hollywood stars are choosing exactly this lipstick.

Lancôme improved its formula and presented the perfect lipstick, which shimmers in metallic nuances.

The good news is you can choose between 36 shades.

2. Jolie Rouge By Clarins

Clarins knows how to make masterpieces, when it comes to lipstick.

Their Jolie Rouge is a creamy textured lipstick that comes with self shine and smooth effect. The fresh fragrance is also a reason why to choose Clarins.

3. Revlon Renewist LipColor

Some say it’s the very best lipstick that Revlon has ever made, but the truth is this lipstick combines anything you would ever want from a lipstick.

The cosmetic giant has made a miracle to create a new formula that is long-lasting and creamy, two difficult things for one lipstick.

The colors are vibrant and bright as they come with inserted gloss, which adds more moisture to your lips.


4. Neutrogena Moisture Shine Soothing Lip Sheers


When it is about Neutrogena, we know this company will suggest an eco cosmetic line, which is modern and comfortable way for any woman that relies on effective makeup.

This time the brand is surprising us with their Moisture Shine Soothing Lip Sheers, which as the name says it, is very appropriate for soothing effect on your lips.

Another bonus is the color palette.

Those of you that seek real red can surely find it in Neutrogena’s last lipstick collection.

5. Clinique Almost Lipstick

Perfect colors, lip stain and shiny gloss – those are the main words to describe Clinique’s last lipstick, which combines all the things we want for a perfect makeup.

The good news is it differs from other lipstick from this range – it is never sticky and it’s moisturizing your lips.

In case you want some tan, go for the “Black Honey”, which can be used even as rouge.

6. Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color

In case you are seeking shining texture and more volume for your lips, this is the right lipstick. It comes on affordable price and it is extremely good, for it is made to add sparkles on your lips.

Another bonus is that it lasts long time, which is rare for a lipstick made as a lip-gloss. The formula behind this lipstick is just as any lip-gloss, but combines with long-lasting effect.



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