How To Enhance The Look Of Your Lips?

Sugar fairy

Sugar fairy lip gloss is perfectly blended with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which protects the skin. This shiny, sugar-scented, conditioning gloss is packed with numerous lip nourishing oils.

It also includes skin-smoothing moisturizers like shea butter, grapeseed oil and many other natural skin moisturizers.

It is quite harmless and provides good nourishment as well as gorgeous look to your lips. The new cushiony formula of this particular lip gloss never feels sticky and it also promotes a full, plump-look.  [ via ]

Duet Gloss Highlighter

Duet gloss highlighter is an amazing dual purpose make-up product for beautiful skin. Double-ended duet gloss highlighter features a shimmery lip gloss at one end, while on the other end it is brilliantly paired with a liquid face highlighter.

When using this product, apply the lip gloss first and then apply liquid face highlighter to your cheeks and eyes or any other parts of your skin where you want extra luminosity.

Duet gloss highlighter usually comes in two shades. Choose the one which best suits your skin complexion and enhance the look of your skin and lips. [ via ]


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