Create Different Styles with Your Long Hair Extensions

Even celebrities are obsessed with the long hair extension craze. One day you see them sporting a short hair then a week after her mane was down to her waist. One day they’re displaying super straight hair then the following week showcases a curly hair. With long hair extensions, everything is possible.

If you’re tired of your short hair and want a long hair, you don’t need long months to grow them. You simply have to go to your favorite hairstylist and have a long hair extension.

long hair extensions

The best part of long hair extensions is you can style them any way you want as if they are your real hair. You can wash them, curl them, straighten them or even color them. To maximize your long hair extension you can try different ways to style them.

Long hair extensions come in different styles. Some are simply clipped in your real hair strands. Just make sure you do not tie them too tightly or you may injure your scalp.

If you want your hair extension to last longer, have them done by a professional hairstylist. Once your long hair extension is secured you can do anything you want with it as if they are your own.

One way to style them is to use a styling gel, mousse or spray on your damp long hair extension. Carefully comb them to style it the way you want using your fingers. Evenly distribute the product into both your real hair and long hair extension.

Wait until it holds together and dries up.  Another way to style them is to use a blow drier to add some volume to it while it falls freely on your shoulders.

Lastly, you may use flat or curling iron to create a smooth texture to your long hair extension. Just remember to completely dry your hair before you use any styling equipment. This way hair breakage can be minimized.

Keep your long hair extension at its best condition by properly caring for them. Shampoo and condition it everyday as if they are your real hair. Carefully comb them everyday to keep them from twisting together and prevent damages.

There are different means of attaching long hair extensions. You can glue it, knot it or weld it. There is a new way of attaching long hair extensions with the use of air pressure system. This method is generally easy to do and is much faster to apply.

Remember that long hair extensions can be very expensive; so you need to take proper care. Improper handling may not only damage the long hair extension but still worse, cause scalp and skin irritation., Use mild shampoo and conditioner for keeping its natural state and softness.

Now you have more ways to create different long hair extension styles. Experiment with it and see what suits you best. Be creative and see which ones complement you and which ones do not.


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