Make Your Eyes Sparkle With A Contrasting Eye Shadow!

Duet eyeshadows – summer

These eye shadows are best in the summer time.

Your eyes will be refreshed a lot with these eye shadows during summer.
This eye shadow consists of three sets of harmonious duos in velvety powder formulas.

These duet eye shadows are symphony of bright, warm, quiet and cool shades and they can be paired or worn separately.

Eye Shadow

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DuWop Eyes – Cream

Eye ShadowIn this duwop eyes-cream, six different shades of eye color palettes will be present.

These eye colors defy the dullness of powders and creasing of creams with a soft blending and amazing light formula.

Your eyes will look more attractive with this eyes-cream.

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Baked Marble Eyeshadow

This baked marble eye shadow consists of baked powder for the eyes which features multiple infusion of color.

Eye ShadowThis eye shadow can be used by swiping the eye brush all over the entire compact and by stroking over your eyelid or within the palette you can identify different tones and shades.

In order to obtain best look for your eyes, use darker tones at the outer corners and in the crease, brighter ones to highlight your eyes. [Eye Make Up Tips]

These gorgeous combinations are designed to use in dry as well as in wet state. The deeper tones present in this eye shadow works beautifully as eyeliner.

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Eye Basics

Eye ShadowThis laura mercier eye basics are perfect canvas for the eye. A long lasting semi matte color will be obtained when the crème evaporates leaving a dry finish.

This is crease proof and water resistant. These eye basics colors works nicely when it is used to create a natural,”clean” eye.

Try basic color in order to obtain eye primer with additional color. Have a look at the website given below in order to find more details on this product:


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