Minoxidil In Your Hair Loss Medication? Things You Should Know

While medications and topical applications that contain Minoxidil are seen to be very effective for many who contend with hair loss, there are certain problems and/or side effects that could occur with use of Minoxidil that one should be acquainted with:

  • The effects of Minoxidil are temporary – the increased hair growth or the darkening or seeming thickening of hair, are effects that may be noted temporarily or until such time as treatment iscontinued. Within about 30 to 60 days of having discontinued treatment, the effects of the treatment could well vanish.
  • Topical applications of Minoxidil usually contain alcohol that could cause irritation or inflammation of the scalp, rashes and other reactions as well as dryness and dandruff.
  • Sometimes Minoxidil can be responsible for actually causing hair loss since it seems to impact certain individuals in the opposite way from that which it should.
  • Oral medications containing Minoxidil can cause swelling of the hands and feet. They could also cause lightheadedness, irregular or accelerated heartbeatand other more serious impacts such as cardiac lesions.
  • It is less effective when the hair loss is very extensive.
  • It is most effective for men between the age of 18 and 41 years.
  • The formulations and dosage should typically be different for men and women whereas it is not the case.


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