Moisturizing Lotion For A Smooth And Healthy Skin!

Moisturizing LotionYou should hydrate and nourish your skin regularly for healthy and youthful look. Skin moisturizing lotions works best for skin hydration.

These lotions, when used properly, help to keep the skin full of moisture as well as smooth and flexible.

It also heals dry skin, reloads the lost natural oils, and enhances the skin’s texture.

The need for moisturizing lotion

Each day the skin looses huge amount of water through evaporation or in the form of sweating. If left uncontrolled, the skin becomes dehydrated and dry [Dry skin care]. This, in turn, leads to aging effects. So, use a moisturizing lotion as a means to control the evaporation.

In effect, a good moisturizing lotion works as effective as the stratum corneum, which maintains the moisture in the skin. The reason is the active ingredients of moisturizing lotions work primarily by forming a barricade on the skin’s layer to prevent the evaporation of moisture from its surface.

There is a misconception among people with oily skin that applying more moisturizing lotions allows more moisture to enter into the skin. In reality, a regular application of moisturizing lotion allows only a little amount of moisture into the skin.

As skin has a built-in moisturizing system where it standardizes its moisturizing content regularly, there is no need for additional moisture. However, the moisturizing lotion is essential to support and strengthen the skin’s ability to perform its activities.

Tips for choosing the right moisturizing lotion

With a wide range of moisturizing lotions in the market today, choosing the right one for you can be a bit difficult task.

Choose a moisturizing lotion

Always prefer to choose a branded moisturizing lotion. Moreover, check for its expiry date so as to avoid skin irritations and allergies.

Examine the label

When choosing a moisturizing lotion, read the label for the ingredients. As various moisturizing lotions make use of various ingredients, it is most essential to understand what are included in the lotion before you make a selection. This allows you to stay away from allergies.

Consider the season

The need for moisturizing lotion changes according to the season. In summer, a lighter lotion having aloe vera and sunscreen protection formula works better whereas in winter, a heavier lotion with intensive ingredient is effective.

Determine your skin type

Having so many moisturizing lotions for all skin types, there are certain lotions that are specially formulated for sensitive skin [Sensitive skin care tips], dry skin, and extra dry skin. So, determining your skin type helps you to choose a lotion that can meet the needs of your skin and provide you with the best results. For example, a sensitive skin needs a moisturizing lotion with noncomedogenic. It means that the lotion causes no acne effects on the skin.

Lifestyle purposes

The need for moisturizing lotion depends on lifestyle. For instance, if you spend most of your time in outdoors, you need a moisturizing lotion with sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your skin from aging effects.


  • The moisturizing lotion is only for external use.
  • Apply the lotion carefully without making contact with the eyes. Avoid applying over punctured wounds, infections, or cuts.
  • Consult a doctor immediately, if you find irritation, allergy or other condition.


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