Why One Should Only Buy Sealed Products?

While purchasing any product from the market, you should check whether it is tampered or sealed. A sealed product will be covered with a hard plastic or will have adhesives at its ends. However, if you find a product, which is open, then of course it is not sealed. So why should you buy a sealed product instead of an open one? Well, considering the benefits of our health, it is always advisable to use sealed products. From food items to cosmetics, you must check for its seal. It gives a guarantee that the product is new. For example, if you choose to purchase a pack of cornflakes, you will look for the sealed pack.

If you come across an open pack, then chances are that there can be insects in it, or it can be of lesser quantity than printed on the cover. This is even in case of cosmetics. While purchasing products from renowned brands, you will find that the salesperson demonstrates the products using a tester and not the original one. But if you look into a local cosmetic shop, you will find products being sold in open. It can be used by other individuals and sharing cosmetics can be detrimental for your skin health. So now let us see the reasons for purchasing a sealed product.

Why One Should Only Buy Sealed Products?

  • Quality:

When you purchase sealed products, there is a grantee that you are buying an authentic item. Besides, the packet will also contain information about the ingredients of the products. You can learn the pros and cons of buying it. Moreover, you can remain assured that the product was not left behind loose, so there is no chance of tampering with it. Be it a grocery item or beauty product, the quality of the product plays a vital role in ensuring the health benefit of the consumer.

  • Quantity:

A sealed packed product will contain the exact amount of product as written on the packet. When you go to purchase a loose item, there are chances that a shopkeeper can fool you with the quantity of the product.  Therefore, when you are purchasing 500gm of sugar, you will know that the packet contains the same. There is no chance of fooling the consumers in this way.

  • Expiration:

Date of manufacture and expiration plays a pivotal part while purchasing an item.  If you buy a packet of milk, which is available in the market, you will be able to know the date of manufacture and expiration of the product. Nevertheless, if you purchase milk from a local vendor, you will never know about the purity or freshness of the product.  Sealed packed products always contain a date, using the product beyond which can pose health hazards. 

  • Freshness:

With the date of expiration and manufacture, a consumer knows exactly how fresh the product is. If you purchase sealed cottage cheese, you know the date on which the product was packed and the date after which you cannot use it. However, if you buy it from a local vendor, you never know about the cleanliness of the place where it was kept and when it was made. Similarly, freshness for cosmetics is important as well. Expiration date of cosmetics is important because using them after that can lead to skin problems.

Therefore, if the safety of your health is your utmost priority, then choose sealed packed products for use instead of loose cheap ones.


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