Five Products Every Girl Needs in Her Bag

A handbag is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Although they are packed to the gills with what we consider to be the essentials of modern life, what do we really need to keep in them?

It can be difficult to decide just what will come in handy, so here are five products (other than your make-up) that every modern girl should have in her bag:

products every girl needs in her bag

1. Deodorant/Perfume

No one likes feeling less than fresh, so a small deodorant or perfume can not only help you smell great, but improve your confidence when heading into that important meeting.

Whether you go for a miniature bottle of perfume or a tiny body spray; a little gentle scent can make the world of difference. For freshness after a trip to the gym, or to perk up your perfume after a long day, a good fragrance is just the thing for your bag.

2. Moisturiser

A good moisturiser can be the key to keeping your hands, face and any other part of your skin in top condition during the day. This is especially important if you suffer from dry skin, so don’t forget to pack moisturising cream the next time you are out and about.

3. Lip Treatments

As well as keeping your lips soft and silky with lip balm, if you are prone to cold sores, then a cold sore cream  can be essential in your bag. If cold sores are something that you suffer from frequently, then they can be treated before they emerge if you recognise the symptoms.

With treatment in your bag, you’ll be able to fight the cold sore the moment you feel the tingle and help keep your lips smooth and cold sore free. Add lip balms with UV protection to keep the skin on your lips soft and supple during summer too.

4. Make-up Remover

There are always times when you need to remove your make up in a flash and for those little emergencies, a tub or small bottle of make-up remover can be a real blessing. Alternatively, invest in a miniature pack of face wipes that contain a gentle moisturiser to remove make-up and treat your skin at the same time.

5. Antibacterial Gel/Wipes and Tissues

Tissues always come in useful and you can keep your hands fresh and clean with antibacterial gel or wipes. Whether you are mopping up a spill, dabbing tears from your eyes or blotting your lipstick at the start of a fabulous night out, tissues are ultra-handy. Similarly, antibacterial gels are the perfect accompaniment to trips to the bathroom, ensuring your personal hygiene is always at the highest level.

So, whatever you pack in your bag, make sure that you have the above products so you keep looking great, smelling fresh and staying healthy!


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