Recently Launched Celebrity Fragrances That May Intrigue You

Justin Bieber was already a teen heartthrob and has been the object of a million girlish fantasies for a while now. Bieber’s image, his hairstyle and his popularity with teens is the stuff of legend and the natural progression of his immense popularity was the launch of his scent Justin Bieber’s Someday for Womenwhich has raked in a record $3 million in sales at Macy’s Herald Square in just three weeks.

Touted to be 2011’s bestselling fragrance, this one is emulating the phenomenal success of other celebrity perfumes such as J Lo’s Glow and Curious which was a Britney Spears signature scent and has even overtaken the market performance of success stories such as Beyonce Knowles’ Heat.

Celebrity-FragrancesJustin Bieber’s Someday for Women is described as a “fruity gourmand” blend and is packaged in a clear glass bottle with a heart shaped flower stopper on top.

The perfume comes on top of Bieber’s already hugely popular line of nail polishes that reportedly sold out so that the line had to extended and expanded.

Britney Spears’ successes with her musical productions may be a little thin on the ground right now, but her star power is strong enough for her to continue to taste success with hersignature scents regardless.

Described as a ‘Veteran’ of the perfume world, the songstress has launched her new scent Cosmic Radiance,which incidentally is the 10th fragrance launched by her.

Britney Spears’ new launch Cosmic Radiance is designed to make the wearer feel beautiful, sexy and empowered and is imbued with fragrances of amber, citrus, sandalwood and vanilla and is said to be a more complex version of an earlier fragrance of her own called Radiance.

The potential for making money as well as creating a sort of brand awareness for celebrities is not lost on actors, singers and other performers and another celebrity to cash in on their star status is Taylor Swift. The best selling pop country singer and songwriter is one in a long line of celebrities to launch their own fragrance.

Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck is the first fragrance launched by the singer in collaboration with the cosmetic giant of Elizabeth Arden. The name of the fragrance is an allusion to her lyrics from the songEnchanted, “I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home” and the singer claims that the ingredients of her fragrance draw upon her own personal experiences.


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