Shimmer Powders To Cover Every Curve On Your Face!

Genuine Jade Beauty Duo

beauty productsThis jade beauty duo is essentially formulated with real jade particles and 100% pure bare minerals.

It brings balance and tranquility to your beauty. It gives healthy look and shine to your skin.

This genuine jade beauty duo includes a plush blush that naturally imparts the adorned glow to your skin and flaxen shimmer shade that has a delicate pink undertone.

If you want to add instant glow to your skin [Glowing Skin], you can apply this shimmer shade.

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Precious Diamond Beauty Duo

beauty productsThis is one more excellent shimmer powder from bare escentuals, which is formulated with 100% pure bare minerals.

It provides ultimate luxury for your bare skin.

When you want to indulge your bare skin with a radiant look, you can just brush it over your shoulders, arms or any exposed areas of your skin.

You will get a retractable brush along with this precious diamond face and body powder.

Check with the ingredients and use it consistently to get better results.

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