Shine And Sparkle Makeup For 2010 Summer

Just like the fashion scene, the scene of the beauty products is changing every summer. This season the makeup experts are surely going to amaze us with really good products with one thing in common – glow.

The sparkle and shine make-up products are a total hit and the biggest cosmetic giants have already released a special collection with amazing bronze and tan sprays and creams. Even the lip glosses and the lipsticks are now devoted to the summer sun, as they represent a playful touch of bronze.


Tan is the key word for the cosmetic this season, but in case you are not going to take some at the beach, prepare yourself for a shopping tour and find the best products that are going to help you in your mission for golden tanned skin.

Here are some of the best cosmetics that can make you a sparkling goddess, not to mention that by using a bronze product your body looks more skinny and sleek. Bobbi Brown?s brand has an offer that will be adored by many girls with light skin.

The company is presenting a weapon for women with white sensible skin – Beige Shimmer Brick Set.


It is recommended to use the whole set for better effect. The good news is that the set is pretty inexpensive. You can find it at the rate of $65.

Another good shimmer product is offered by the company that is notorious for their latest cosmetic line and this is Body Shimmer by Forever21. Recently the company is making a boom with their shimmering products.

The latest version of their Body Shimmer is anything you need for a good summer tan and even more, it works well with all skin types. NARS is the other brand that is suggesting a shimmering spray, which is water resistant.

Their Body Glow is the perfect decision, in case you want immediate results. Of course the beauty products of the season, often labeled as back to 80s are involved in creating a entire new look of the woman of 2010.


Lanc?me is the company that tries to improve the new look of an Arabian goddess with their Bronze Riviera Collection.

Labeled as the very best collection for the season, Bronze Riviera includes anything you need for a tanned body, coral lips, fuchsia nails and smoky shaded eyes.

The summer beauty makeup palette is rich, but the new created vision resembles a woman that is shining and new, but still possessing the beauty style reminding the 80s.


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